What to Visit in Shanghai?

Shangai is one of the major commercial hubs of China. This city is currently referred to as the Oriental Paris as it has the features to rival New York or Paris. A lot of tourist attraction centers are available for you to visit and the tours are mostly pocket friendly. Read on to learn more about this city.

The 10 things you can’t miss in Shanghai

Shanghai is not placed in the same line as Paris and New York because of its economic activities alone. There are lots of places to see in this city that you cannot afford to miss if you are opportune to visit Shanghai.

1. The Bund

Promenade The Bund quartier de Shanghai

The Bund or Waitan is a waterfront located in central Shanghai. There are various activities to engage in at the waterfront. You can simply come out to relax, take pictures and also go on a boat cruise.

2. Zhujiajiao/Qibao

canal de Zhujiajiao

If you want to experience Venice on a budget, Zhujaijaio is the best alternative. One of the best ways to enjoy your visit here is to book a trip with a tour company. This Watertown also has a lot of historic

3. Yu Yuan & Cheng Huang Miao (Yu Yuan Garden and City God Temple)

Jardin et temples Yu_Garden

China is famous for temples and Shanghai has a lot to offer in terms of temples. This temple also has a garden. The Yu Yuan Garden and City God Temple is a good place for sightseeing and tours.

4. Tian Zi Fang

Tian Zi Fang à Shanghai

This former concession area is now home to a number of restaurants, cafes and bars. If you want to try out a local cuisine while staying in Shanghai, this is arguably your best spot.

5. Market of Science and Technology Subway Station (Xiangyang)

If you want to get a souvenir for your loved ones, you should consider visiting this fake market. The Market of Science and Technology Subway Station is a good place to get almost any item you need.

6. Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao

Ravioli chinois 6. Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao

Your trip to Shanghai is not complete if you do not try the local Chinese cuisine like dumplings. The superb blend of pork, garlic, ginger and onion will delight your taste buds.

7. M1nt

Boîte de Nuit Shangaï The M1nt

The saying that Shanghai has everything you need is a fact. If you are a fan of partying and nightlife, the city has you covered. The M1nt offers loads of side attractions than your average nightclub.

8. Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC)

8. Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC)

This vertical city is the second tallest building in China. Although it is a financial center, it is also a tourist attraction. You can register with a tour company and select the tour suitable for you to see this skyscraper.

9. Xintiandi

Xintiandi quartier de Shanghaï

Xintiadi is a car-free shopping and eating district in China. With no cars around, you get the most experience of touring the district while locating your preferred eatery or shop.

10. Nanjing Road East

Nanjing Road East

This road is one of the busiest areas in the world. It is lined with various shops for different items. You can literally find “anything” you want to buy here.

What is the best time to go to Shanghai?

The best time to visit Shanghai is during the springs when the weather is cool and dry. Summer periods are too hot while winter is too cold. You will not enjoy your tour in either condition.

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