Thailand – Is it really the Ladyboy Dating Spot?

Located in Asia, Thailand is the best country to meet Ladyboys! Faced with this assertion, many are asking questions. Is Thailand the nation of the world that includes all Ladyboys? Why are Ladyboys so numerous in Thailand? Here are some answers that might light up your lantern.

Should I go to Thailand to meet Ladyboys?

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If you want to know if a trip to Thailand will allow you to meet a Ladyboy, know that the answer is yes! According to a recent study, it was discovered that over 3% of the population of this country is transsexual. So, going to Thailand will undoubtedly increase your chances of meeting a ladyboy.

Just as it is easy meeting people in Thailand, you don’t necessarily have to travel to a specific place to meet Ladyboys. Indeed, Thai transsexuals can be seen on every street corner. To tackle them, you just need to know how to do it.

However, if your question was more about whether you have to travel to Thailand to meet a Ladyboy, then the answer is no. For several years now, transsexuals have succeeded in carving out a respectable place for themselves in society. They even learned to talk about themselves and gain acceptance everywhere. For this reason, it is now easier to meet them in other countries like France, but you can find online dating sites.

However, it is extremely rare to see them on the streets. For that, you have to opt for other search alternatives like dating sites and social networks.

What is special about Thailand for this community?

Once one understands the importance of the trans population in Thailand’s demographics, then it seems legitimate to look at the reasons. First, it is important to point out that Thailand is a country where the number of men is higher or number of women. This phenomenon makes marriages difficult. For this main reason, the inhabitants of this country remain in favor of the proliferation of this practice, since it allows many people to find their happiness.

Besides this parameter, we can also underline that Thailand is really involved in the social development of this community. For example, we can note:

  • The creation of trans toilets in hospitals, businesses and even some schools;
  • The initiation of Ladyboy beauty pageants;
  • The creation of specialized clinics whose role is to ensure the follow-up of Ladyboys until their final transformations.

In addition to these few actions, there is a great friendliness between people of the other sex and Ladyboys.

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