Sports in which Players run the Most through the Course of a Game

Running is one of the most important exercises, regarding cardiovascular health. In fact, in that perspective, not all sports are equal. Below, we present you some of the ones in which players need to run the most, starting with one that is not so well known, to all public.

Football (Soccer in America)

Most people already know that football is a sport where you need to keep your cardiovascular capacity at its best, if you want to be good at it. That is because in the 90 plus minutes that a player may remain on the field, he will have to run as much as 11 kilometers (7 miles) before he is done. Like in airsoft, many of these run will be short bursts, that will ask a lot of the heart. It is often considered the sport where you run the most, though some of the following ones could also compete for the gold medal, in that respect.


Airsoft is certainly not the best-known sport in the world. Still, more than 3.5 million Americans practice it and it adds up to about 15 million, around the world. This war game, where people run around with special guns and ammunitions produced by companies like Cyma, while trying to remove members of the other team out of the game by shooting them with special soft bullets, is one that requires to be in great shape. Moving from one hiding place to another, players have to sprint many times throughout a whole day of battles. It is a great way for anyone who wants to feel better in its body, to get back in shape while having fun. 

Field Hockey

We cannot consider ice hockey, as it is different to skate than to run. If we did, it would be highly possible that it would take the number one position. However, field hockey does imply a lot of running, as well. Statistics show that each player gets to run about 10 kilometers (more than 6 miles) per game. The field that they play in is bigger than football, which can explain how much running there is, in this sport.


When being played individually, tennis requires an important amount of running, even though the court is small. These short runs come one after the other, and are very hard on every part of the body. Anyone who plays tennis for the first time is surprised by how much energy and strength is needed for this sport. It can be considered the most athletic sport in the world, in regards to individual players. 


Let us end this article with another very popular sport around the world: Basketball. Although players have to run from one side of the field to the other, throughout the whole game, they do stay somewhat in a stopped position, once they have reached one of the two sides. Also, players change more often than in football, so they get to run less during the total duration of the game, which is one hour, divided in 15 minutes quarters.

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