Instagram : Zoom on Ghost followers

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in the world. It has been used to generate more visibility for brands or personalities all over the world. However, there are ghost followers on Instagram that appear as numbers but are inactive in terms of interaction. Let’s take a zoom on ghost followers on Instagram.

What are Ghost followers?

The term “Ghost followers” is used to describe users on social media who are inactive and don’t interact in any activity on the social media platform. These users appear as followers on active members accounts but do not like, comment, message, or share a post.

Ghost followers are changing the business game for influencers on Instagram. In some cases, they are bought to appear as numbers in an account. This is probably done to gain a business deal or the other.

As a matter of fact, having numerous followers on a social media platform like Instagram helps you gain credibility, increase sales, become an influencer, and have more visibility. But these days, having high numbers of followers doesn’t mean you can get the interaction you want on your page.

Some businesses search for Instagram accounts with active followers and high interactions to do business with, rather than accounts with just high followers.

Why buy Instagram subscribers?

The number of followers a person has on Instagram can bring more followers, make the person or business look credible or help close a sale. Having many followers makes a person seem important on the social media.

For these reasons, people began to buy Instagram subscribers who act as ghost followers. Numerous celebrities, influencers, or businesses have paid some money to have thousands of followers in order to gain popularity and be seen as a reputable person or business.

In retrospect, social media is like a popularity contest and having high followers give your audience the boost to become a follower.

The identification of ghost followers on Instagram

It isn’t so difficult to identify ghost followers. They have a few traits that make it easy to spot them. Some of them have automated messages sent to you privately or on their bio. Messages like “to hell with Instagram, I’m moving to Snapchat.” Those followers are likely bots and can easily be identified.

Other traits of Ghost followers include accounts that have: no followers, no post, no profile picture, long random numbers as their usernames. You might also notice that some of them haven’t made a post in over 3 months.

Interest and procedure for removing ghost followers

Although it is true that your ghost followers are still followers and increase the number of followers you have, too much of them can also cause an account to get suspended. It could also be annoying to have thousands of followers and have less than a hundred interactions on your post.

If you’re not interested in having ghost followers, you can manually browse through your list of followers, identify your ghost followers and block them.

Blocking them is the main procedure to remove your ghost followers, and this could be a bit difficult if you have multiple followers. Alternatively, you can check for applications or websites that are designed to remove ghost followers.

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