How to prepare the Best Release Notes for the New Version of Your App or Software ?

Creating the new version of an app or software is hard an intense work. Its efficiency can be a difference maker between growth and starting to lose ground on competitors, depending of the quality of the upgrade that the company is offering its customers. But whether or not the new version is good, it won’t be useful if no one knows about it. That is why release notes are vital. Here are a few tips on how to write and present the best release notes for your product.

Use Professional Services Online

If you want to be completely sure that your release notes will be as well prepared as possible, the best solution is to call upon the services of professionals in the field. You can easily do so online, by creating your software release notes with It is an easy-to-use platform which will help you put together something visually appealing that will catch the attention of users. If the document isn’t optimal, there is a high probability that users either won’t read it or at least won’t get to the end of the notes. Therefore, it is better to ask for the help of professionals, to make sure that all the great work done on the new version is not lost, simply because of a communication problem.

Tips and Suggestions

If you decide to prepare your release notes alone, here are a few tips and suggestions that will point you in the right direction. First of all, the text should be clear and concise. Stay away from long sentences and write them in an easy-to-understand language. The hardest part may be to avoid becoming too technical. In the end, have the text looked at by someone who knows nothing of the product and ask if the person understood everything they just read. You should also focus on the end user instead of the developers and other employees inside your company as your main target. If they manage to comprehend everything that is written inside the release notes, everyone else most certainly will as well.

For a document to be easy to read, you need to let it breathe. That is why it is important to use headings and subheadings regularly. This will make it easier for users to scan the release notes and get an overview of what is included. This way, they can choose the parts that relate to their needs, without wasting any time. The use of bullet points to list new features and changes is also recommended. There is nothing better to help readers understand rapidly. You may also want to include screenshots or images to show the new features and the changes that have been made to the software or the app. This makes it easier for users to learn how to operate the new version.

Finally, don’t forget to include links to resources, such as tutorials on how to use the latest version. Any other document that you believe could be helpful to end users and other stakeholders alike, should also be included inside the release notes.

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