How to Mount the Tires of a Motorcycle in 7 steps?

Owning a motorcycle brings joy to most people, because of the ease of escaping traffics, especially those staying in cities. Having the required expertise to assemble your motorcycle is important. However, most motorcycle owners can’t mount the tires.

There are procedures which you can follow to change your tires easily. Instead of calling a mechanic, you can do it yourself. Knowing these 7 steps can save you money and time.

Dismantling a motorcycle tire

Dismantling the wheel takes some simple steps that we will now explain.

Step One: Dismount the wheels

Before starting, identify the wheel type and pick a good substitute. Then loosen the bolts that hold the wheels. Next, remove plastics and any other things that obstruct you from getting to them. To remove disc brakes, loosen the caliber from the mount and remove it from the disc.

Step 2: Deflate the tires

The first thing to do is locating the valves of your motorcycle tires. This can be found around the spokes in the tire center. Usually, it has a black cap at the stem. Pick your pump and connect directly to the valve tip for easy deflation.

Step 3: Take off your tire

When you are through with the deflation process which could take between 3 and 5 minutes, remove your tires. Be careful to remove the valve properly to avoid damaging it. Also, press the tire repeatedly, to be sure there aren’t any air leaks.

Step 4: Remove the tire from the rims

Put the tire down and remove the valve system. Then use the removal instrument to turn the valve clockwise. Also, wedge a big screwdriver between the rims and the tire to lift the seal.

Finally, wedge a pry bar between the rim and tire. Use the wheel as leverage to lift the tire out of its position. If this proves difficult, use grease or some lubricants for easy lifting.

Mounting a motorcycle tire

After removing the rim from the tire, you will need to mount your extra tire back. These take some steps, which you can see below.

Step 5: Inflate to the right pressure

Inflating the tire to make it last is highly recommended. Press the air pressure gauge via the tire air valve, hold steady and pump till you reach your desired gauge.

Then check the pressure periodically to know if there are any leaks. Usually, air pressure is measured using pounds per square inch (PSI). Different tires have their gauge, ranging from 32 to 37.

Step 6: Balancing the wheels

Balancing the wheels requires it to be correctly seated. You can know if it is properly seated by checking the distance between a molded rub and wheels flange.

Put your wheels on a balancing machine for measurement. The machine will check the vibrations and hard parts of the wheels. If the wheels are not balanced, you can use zinc, aluminum, or any appropriate elements to fix the balancing problems.

Step 7: Reassemble the wheels

Reassembling the wheels can be complicated but with this process, it is simple. Firstly, check that your tire is fixed properly to the rim and fully beaded. Next, verify that the arrow is showing the correct direction during the process. Follow, the arrow to know how you can insert your wheels properly.

With the aforementioned steps, mounting the tires of your motorcycle can be completed easily and without external help.

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