How to Lose the Love Handles Before Summer?

Love handles are skin parts that cover the hip areas and become more pronounced with tight materials. Generally, they indicate too much fat accumulation around abdominal parts. Some factors that contribute to this condition are hormonal imbalance, poor physical exercise, diabetics, and sleep deprivation. To learn how you can lose those love handles before summer, read on.

Improve your diet

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You can lose your love handles if you improve your diet with the following nutrition.

Take healthy carbs

You should know that there are two different types: healthy and unhealthy ones. Consuming unhealthy carbs can cause more fat to be stored in your abdomen. That’s why individuals with love handles should consume more healthy carbs like potatoes, rice, and oats. This is because they stimulate your metabolism and encourage cravings.

Have a healthy intake of fats

Researchers have said you need to take fats to lose fats. Eating foods like nuts, coconut, avocados and fish will reduce your love handles to a great extent. These carbs can be taken as snacks or full meals.

Take a lot of sweeteners

Though artificial sweeteners don’t have calories, they can help give your body strength to hold the fat. These diets can stimulate your appetite and fat capacities.

Organic diet

Organic foods have good health advantages. Organic food and milk have more than 45% omega3 acid which helps combat love handles. Also, take lots ó beef and eggs as they contain linoleic properties known as CLA, which will facilitate hip fat loss.

Take water

Drinking about two liters of clean water daily can flush out some fats that cause love handles.

Regularly practice physical and sports activities

Physical activities can go a long way to reduce the fats in your hip region. These exercises are not a one-way treatment as you need to be consistent for it to work. Here are some methods of physical and sports activities that can help lose love handles.

Abdominal scissors

To do this weekly, lay on your hand and put your arms at your sides for support. Then, extend your legs and cross them over one another. Alternate the legs and don’t let them drop on the ground. Make sure your center is engaged and back pressed strictly on the floor.

Plank exercise

Put your belly and stir up your forearms, feet, and head towards the floor. Do this three times.

Russian twist

You can start this exercise by staying in a seating position with your knees bending, feet apart about 2 feet (0.61 m). Then, lean your upper body, back to a 90-degree angle while keeping your back straight.


Stand on your feet about a width separating them, then raise both hands above your head towards the right side.

Practicing gentler exercise

To lose love handles before summer, kindly practice these gentler exercises.

Extended ’Slow-Mo Crunch

This exercise is done by facing up with your knees in a bending position; then you will squeeze a towel until it is small and put it in your back. Fold your hands beneath your head and inhale softly. Do this inhalation three times and lift your hands and shoulders from the floor.

Rocking bicycle

This gentler exercise entails you lying faced down with your arms stretched slightly like a “V” shape over your head.

Waistline row

Sit-down with your knees in a bending shape and your feet flat. Tie your towel tight in your abdomen region.

Summer is approaching, losing your love handles gives you more freedom and will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

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