How to Combine Industrial and Scandinavian Style?

Getting an appropriate design for your office and homes is the wish of many people. However, the knowledge of combining styles has eluded many. The Scandi-Industrial is one of the most impressive decorative styles available.

It is usually characterized by shiny colors, sharp lines, and an exclusive layout. This blend of Scandinavian and industrial design is minimalist and lets your window brighten to the environment. The combination allows you to explore your passions fully beyond boundaries.

What is the Scandinavian style?

minimalist decoration Scandinavian style

A Scandinavian style is a decoration approach that aims to blend functionality with beauty. It is based on sharp lines, bright spaces without clutters. These tenets of Scandinavian design extends to all facets of interior design like furniture, ceramics, textiles, and lightning.

The design is not flashy nor superfluous, it merely shows the fundamental beauty of all products. The popular Scandinavian colors include monochromatic colors, bright, warm whites, and black. Also, natural colors like plush pinks and gray-blues are noted in the Scandinavian design.

What is the industrial style?

floor lamp, industrial style light

Industrial style is a decor that gets its inspiration from the beauties of nature, relics, and traditional settings. The style consists of stripper architectural features like wood, metals, and recycled materials. The furnishings of this style are usually gotten from reused yards.

Using an industrial style allows you to modify your environment with decoration and furniture that are original and uncommon. Avoid over embellishments when using an industrial style for your room and office. Use furnishings that have a plain design, good upholstery, and simple colors.

How to mix styles in decoration?

Mixing styles is easier than envisioned, one just needs the right information.

Choose a limited palette

Avoid using too many colors which can make your decoration dry. Be choosy with just a few so that your apartment will feel the vibes despite the variation.

Pick a unified pattern

Using a unifying motif throughout the area will let the decor appear original. To show consistency, pick up a sofa line and repeat the design throughout the area.

Use the Oddball as a pivot point

When you possess a variety of decor selection that doesn’t blend well with others, avoid hiding them. Bring attention to them by making the elements your focal point in your home.

Match wood styles

Use similar shade or wood to create different home furniture, but make sure the tones are consistent with the material.

Which sofa for industrial style?

Several top sofas have industrial styles, they are,

  • IKEA

This sofa is made by a Swedish firm which offers excellent design in all its products. IKEA has a plethora of styles, colors, and sizes.

  • Pottery Barn

This sofa is a dream for interior decorators and decor fanatics. This product has a good reputation for creating impressive sofas globally.

  • Wayfair

Wayfair provides the best sofas for people who want a good product for cut-sale prices. It has a quality which many people confirm matches its product. Also, its chairs and sofa come at affordable rates.

  • La-Z-Boy

This sofa brand develops sleeping and reclining sofas. They come in various colors at cheap prices.

  • Allform

This brand has several industrial-style sofas which many decorators cherish. It uses quality materials that prevent easy wear and tear. Amazing products can be found at affordable prices.

Industrial and Scandinavian styles are the trending designs that interior decorators use in all their products.

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