How to Become a Video Game Tester?

Video game testing is a new and exciting career opportunity for gamers or people interested in the process involved in making a video game.

The video game tester career is growing, and it’s projected to become a high demand job in the future. According to market research carried out by IDC, it was discovered that the video game industry earned more than the sport and film industry combined.

As the industry continues to grow, the demand for video game testers is expected to increase.

Video game tester: what is this job?

A video game tester—also known as a beta game tester or a QA tester—plays games produced by video game companies before they are released to the public. They work closely with the company’s programmers and designers.

Video game testers are important, as they search the game for glitches and technical bugs that reduce the user experience. They test each game level, character avatar, etc., and return a detailed report about their experience to the game developers.

An example of a type of testing they carry out is known as the Matrix testing. As a matter of fact, the Matrix testing is used for fighting games that involve different game levels and players. The video game testers will fight each character against one another at all the levels in the game.

Video game testing is also a great way to start your career in the video game industry. You can become a software developer, a QA analyst, or an animator.

What diploma or training?

You do not need a special diploma or certificate to work as a video game tester. However, some certificates or college degrees that can help you differentiate yourself from other testers are related to:

  • Quality control;
  • Graphic design and animation;
  • Web programming;
  • Game design.

The skills that you would need to develop and that would help you secure a job as a video game tester are:

  • Communication skills (written and verbal);
  • A strong affinity for video games;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Creative and analytical skills.

The important thing to keep in mind is to always endeavor to grow in your skills and knowledge.

Where to do an internship?

professional video game player

Most video game companies offer internship opportunities to college students, but they are mostly unpaid. The internships are posted on job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

The best way to gain experience in the industry is by testing video games on your own, gaining new skills, and networking with members in the gaming industry.

How much to earn a video game tester?

Numerous game testers are employed on a contract basis, but some are chosen as in-house testers by the company. This means most game testers are paid on an hourly basis and do not have access to employee benefits like health insurance, paid leave, etc.

The average pay of a beta-game tester in the US alone is $14.13 per hour, while some are paid as low as $7.25.

A game tester salary is also dependent on the experience level and education level of the tester. The company’s location, size, and amount of work to be done also influences the amount paid by companies.

When negotiating salaries, most freelance game testers factor in the equipment to be used-if the company is going to provide the needed equipment, the type of game to be tested, and the profile of the company.

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