How do you Find the Best Nanny for your Baby?

Children are wonderful gifts that need proper monitoring, especially in their formative years. However, as parents and guardians, we have so much running around to do that we sometimes need to employ nannies to help with looking after the kids and taking care of the environment.

Choosing the right nannies can be complicated due to so many factors, however, with patience, diligence, and a bit of luck, you can get that perfect nanny. Here is what you need to know.

Verify qualifications

Checking prospective nanny qualifications is important before making an offer. Some qualifications to verify include.

Childcare qualifications

While degrees may not be important to employ a nanny, there are several childcare certifications he or she must possess before making an offer.

First aid certificate

A nanny must possess a valid first care certificate because she will be in the care of children who could be injured anytime, not having these qualifications is a red flag.

OFSTED registrations

This is a universal certification issued to nannies who have undergone the required training in the UK. It is a highly recommended qualification to have.

Work permit

Please make sure you check if the nannies to be employed can work in your location to avoid having problems with the security authorizes. You can verify these at the local council.

Birth certificate

This is very important to avoid employing underage nannies. Kindly verify they are up to twenty-one years and above.

Control your living environment

Hiring a nanny requires you to set some rules.


You and your nanny must have an easy and transparent communication channel that must always be open.

Set clear rules

Before employing a nanny, they must be aware of the dos and don’ts of your environment. They must know where they can stay and where they cannot stay. Be friendly but firm.

Friendly towards kids

Hire a nanny who can relate with kids always and don’t let their emotions affect their work. Nannies with constant mood swings are not advised as kids need a lively environment.

Consult the other parents

Before hiring a nanny, please consult other parents to know their experiences with other nannies and where you need to look. Experiences from other parents can be a good thing especially if they have someone they can refer you to.

Nannies usually work with many families, therefore other parents can give advice or two about their experiences with nannies.

Interviewing candidates

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Interviewing nanny candidates can be nervy especially if this is the first time you are employing one. However, here are some suggestions when interviewing candidates.

Ask personal questions

This is important because you get to know who you are leaving your kids with and what problems they may have that can affect their job. Everyone does everything possible (even lie) to get a job during an interview.

That’s why you need to look beyond the memorized answers. Checkout gestures and knee-jerk reactions to your questions. Analyze the person not based on answers, but their facial expressions and personality.

Check their reference

Before hiring a potential candidate always ask who their references are, and what is their status in society. Candidates without references or with unreliable ones should be ignored. This is important because, if anything happens, the reference will be held accountable.

Hiring nannies can be complicated, however, by verifying their qualifications, consulting other parents, and asking basic interview questions, you will get a reliable one.

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