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Ce bitcoin, c’est quoi ?

What is this Bitcoin?

If you are interested in the field of economics or finance, you will most likely have heard of crypto-currencies. These are digitized assets that are usually based on a technology called blockchain. Among the many currencies that exist in the crypto sector, bitcoin tops the list. Read this article to

Les critères à suivre pour choisir la meilleure banque en ligne

Criteria for choosing the best online bank

The number of online banks that exist is constantly increasing. For investors, these structures guarantee a number of advantages. To some extent, online banks are much more interesting than traditional banks. Despite this interest, choosing an online bank is not always an easy task. In order to do so, you

plan presentation architect real estate developer

What is the Role of the Property Developer?

A property developer has significant responsibility in the real estate industry. They identify opportunities and increase the market value of properties by improving the property. The efficiency of this expert plays a major role in the growth of a real estate agency. Read on to find out the roles of


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