3 Solutions to Install a Wall Hanging

Hanging pictures, artwork, calendars, curtains, and decorations on a wall beautifies it. Hanging your clothes on a rod in your closet saves storage space.

You can use different materials to hang these items depending on their weight. Follow the three methods below to hang decorative items and clothes on your wall without damaging the surface.

Install a wall hanging with nails

Confirm the full weight a hanger can bear and get those with nails.

To affix the hanger, mount it on solid studs/frames behind a wall. Studs are wooden structure builders created behind a wall to support items you nail on them.

Tap on the wall and listen to the full or empty sound to locate a stud. A full sound signifies the presence of a stud, and a hollow sound mean no studs.

If you have a stud finder, move it over the wall’s surface as it beeps on finding a stud, and identify that spot with a colored marker.

Put a drill on that spot and gently drill a hole on the wall the same length as the hanger’s nail. That hole should be tinier than the size of the nail you want to fix in it.

Next, insert the nail into the hanger, and use a hammer to drive it into the studs.

Use a wall rod to hang the wall hanging

You can use a wall rod to hang clothes and tapestries. Suppose you want to mount a wall rod for your closet. Here is how to do it.

Measure the distance of the rod from the wall and make it about 10 inches. Next, consider the size of your clothes hangers leaving enough space between the wall and your clothes.

Also, drill the wall to insert a 2 inches wooden screw into a round bracket to the wall. Next, fix the U-shaped bracket to the second side of the wall, with the same size of screw.

Afterward, measure the width of the brackets. Then, use that breadth to mark the rod and cut it to the width of those frames.

Finally, paint the rod to a color you like and fix the right side of the rod first into the round bracket, and then slide it into the U-shaped frames.

Install a wall hanging without drilling the wall

Confirm the weight of items you want to place on the adhesive-backed hooks, and buy the right size. It is double-sided and comes with hooks.

Adhesive-backed strips are best for hanging items with flat supports, and the hooks are for objects without holders. Install it on only a smooth and flat wall.

Start fitting hooks by sliding the back off the plate. Next, peel the covering on the adhesive strip and press it firmly on the backplate for a minute for firm bonding.

Then, strip the second part of the adhesive strip and mount it on the wall. Ensure that the stub in front of the backplate is below, and hold it there firmly for another minute.

After that, slide the hook down and into the backplate and listen for a click signifying it is locked firmly, and wait for one hour for the adhesive to bond then hang a photo of less than 3 kg or 6 Ib on it.

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